photo by Ballard Avenue

There's Chicago-style pizza, Chicago-style politics, and Chicago-style sidewalk shoveling. Lookit dose square corners and dey's no snow 'r ice anywherez. Dissis duh bes'!


Granny J said...

Surely you are referring to the unshoveled stretch at the top of the picture when you conjure up Chicago! I would expect proper shoveling in Washington State, but never in da Windy city, believe me!

Ballard Avenue said...
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Ballard Avenue said...

I have never been to Chicago in the winter, but friends and relatives who have lived there like to talk about how we neglect the niceties of the well-shoveled sidewalk, along with regularly-plowed streets and reliable transit services. You think maybe I'm the victim of another Chicago hustle...?

Anonymous said...

in any climate where is snows, people shovel their sidewalks. when it snowed here, i was out there in no time. it made for a perfect christmas season!