Auld Lang Syne

The barbershop quartet Premiere hung up their tight chords in 2006, but got back together in 2008 for a tribute to their mentor, Freddie King. They said goodbye with this very nice performance of Auld Lang Syne.

Happy New Year to you all.

Cold feet

photo by Ballard Avenue

We saw these kayakers off Carkeek Park in early December. Sea kayakers are pretty hardcore. These must be the fourteen coldest feet south of Nome.

The house where the Fiats used to rust

The house where the Fiats lived
photo by Ballard Avenue

Remember the house where the Fiats used to rust? The remodeling has come along nicely. At first, the small scale of the remodel was a little surprising. Over the past few years, similar remodels around here have been gargantuan in ambition, cost, and size. Given that the country is now making a rough transition to a reality-based economy, this modest remodel probably makes much more sense.

Drip, drip, drip

After more than a week of winter wonderland, this was something good to see.

Sunset Hill snowman

Sunset Hill Snowman
photo by Ballard Avenue

Classicists that we are, we like a proper three-snowball snowman with carrot nose. But, alas, his eyes didn't survive the warming temperatures.


photo by Ballard Avenue

There's Chicago-style pizza, Chicago-style politics, and Chicago-style sidewalk shoveling. Lookit dose square corners and dey's no snow 'r ice anywherez. Dissis duh bes'!

Too many pianists

If you'll indulge us in one more bit of Christmas music, here's six hands performing a four hands arrangement of "Sleigh Ride."


In the Bleak Midwinter
arr. Harold Darke

The choir of Hereford Cathedral

Here you will find a lovely performance of the more well-known arrangement by Gustav Holst.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Judy Garland
Meet Me in St Louis

Shaggy heads ahead

photo by Ballard Avenue

"If it snows the shop will be closed. I can't get up the hill.
Thanks, Gene"

Gene's got the barber shop next to Walter's Cafe and he's been keeping much of Sunset Hill well-groomed for a long time, but unless the snow melts, there'll be some shaggy-looking fellows at Christmas dinners this year.

Jingle Bells and Happy Christmas

The accordionists name is Lillo, and he seems to be the nicest guy.

Warning! Frozen toes ahead!

Red sockies
photo by Ballard Avenue

Continuing our efforts to be the news source you trust for lost-clothing-in-Ballard stories, we're proud to run this exclusive on the lost sockies of 32nd Avenue. If they're yours, you better get over there before the next snowfall buries them.

Frozen flamingos

snowy flamingos
photo by Ballard Avenue

We've had a week of real winter, as evidenced by this flock of frozen flamingos wishing they'd not listened to Uncle Sven and instead stayed in Florida.

Es Ist ein' Ros' Entsprungen

performed by Ensemble D.E.U.M.

Fourth Sunday in Advent

Vom Himmel Hoch, O Englein Kommt

From heaven high, O angels, come,
Eya! eya! Susani, susani, susani.
Come music, song, come pipe and drum,
Alleluia, alleluia.
Of Jesus sing and Maria.

Let every instrument join in,
Eya! eya! Susani, susani, susani.
Bring lute and harp and violin,
Alleluia, alleluia.
Of Jesus sing and Maria.

Fritz Wunderlich, tenor, and Hermann Prey, baritone

Grundig TK 126 tape recorder c. 1970.

Third Sunday in Advent

Continuing the Swedish theme, here is a performance of "O helga n├ątt." Don't let the long length of the clip discourage you. The last couple of minutes are well-deserved curtain calls. The unidentified singers are from the Vadstena Academy, a music school that focuses its attention on little-known operas from the past as well as newly-commissioned work.

St. Lucia Day

December 13 is St. Lucia Day. The girl representing St. Lucia needs good posture and poise under pressure, and there should be a fire extinguisher nearby.

Hark! through the darksome night
Sounds come a winging:
Lo! 'tis the Queen of Light
Joyfully singing.
Clad in her garment white,
Wearing her crown of light,
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!

Deep in the northern sky
Bright stars are beaming;
Christmas is drawing nigh
Candles are gleaming.
Welcome thou vision rare,
Lights glowing in thy hair.
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!

Second Sunday in Advent

Once in Royal David's City

Edward Burrowes, treble
The Choir and parishioners of St Paul's Cathedral, London

Benevolent Protective Order of Ducks

Duck gathering
photo by Ballard Avenue

The B.P.O.D. had themselves a convention down at Golden Gardens the other day. Among the resolutions was one asking all the little kids to bring whole-grain bread next time. A steady diet of Wonder Bread does not build strong ducks twelve ways.