Hawaiian interlude: Monorail

Pearl Ridge monorail
photo by Ballard Avenue

As if being a tropical paradise wasn't enough, Honolulu has a monorail! This little train runs between the two parts of the Pearlridge Mall. 50¢ for a three-minute ride and worth every penny.

Hawaiian interlude: Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Beach Park
photo by Ballard Avenue

Eventually the tradewinds blew all the clouds away and we had a lovely day for doing the Sunday New York Times crossword at Waimanolo Beach.

Hawaiian interlude: Waikiki and Diamond Head

photo by Ballard Avenue

If you to have to go away all-of-a-sudden for a family emergency, you could do worse than to go to Honolulu. The rain followed me across the Pacific Ocean and here's what the first morning looked like on Waikiki Beach.

Tuesday cat: Mita

photo by Lorri

Mita is our first Idaho cat. When she's not melting hearts, this sweetie patrols three acres of rocky desert east of Twin Falls. Geez, this is starting to read like the bios of Playboy models. Next thing you know we'll find out her big turn-offs are hypocrisy and guys who don't open doors for her.

Sunset Hill Tulip Festival

Snowy tulips
photo by Ballard Avenue

I've never seen a tulip in the snow and probably won't see another. Hooray 2008!

Please stand by

Please stand by

After three years and 618 posts, it's time to rethink this thing and decide what to do next. So please stand by...