Friday Cats: Blue Eyes

photo by Ballard Avenue

Blue eyes
lookin' at me,
Nuthin' but blue eyes
do I see.

Happy Birthday Us!

photo by 2005tigarnin

It's been a year since this blog was revived from deep hibernation. It woke up, stretched a bit, got cranky, changed its name and address, and is thrilled that you're here.

Sunset Hill Sunset

photo by Ballard Avenue

Good night.

Friday Cats: At the Schmitz Park Gate

photo by Ballard Avenue

"It's OK, you can go up there. Just watch out for folks popping up out of the manhole covers."

Seattle from Elliott Bay Last Week

photo by Ballard Avenue

Aye, it's the blogger's life for me, matey!

Nurse Log in the Air

photo by Ballard Avenue

Schmitz Preserve Park is a little smidgen of more-or-less old growth forest in the city. Here a tree has fallen and it becomes a nurse log, providing a good home for seedlings.

But look! The log spans a small gulley and all those seedlings are growing five feet in the air! Someday the log will rot and collapse under the weight of the young trees growing out of it. Quelle horreur!

Keep Out

photo by Ballard Avenue

This snap is from West Seattle's Schmitz Preserve Park. You know, for being folks who favor Ballard in all things, we do spend a lot of time over in West Seattle. I guess there's a certain simpatico there. Like Ballard, West Seattle is geographically isolated from the larger community, and like Ballard it developed a unique and quirky nature Ballardites can relate to. What Ballardites cannot relate to is why would you need to paint a "Keep Out" sign on the sewer manhole. Do West Seattleites really prowl the sewers for fun?

Friday Cats: More Demonic Possession

photo by Ballard Avenue

Speaking of demonic possession, have you seen the video of Dick Cheney's visit to see the carnage of Hurricane Katrina? It's fun stuff. Somehow the White House found enough Young Republican virgin's blood to transfuse into his veins so he could muster the strength to do some photo ops. As he was reciting the talking points he memorized on the flight down, one of the audience unloaded a succinct editorial comment. You can see it here.

Ballard Farmer's Market

photo by Ballard Avenue

"Freeze, kid, and take your hands off those flowers!"

Relic of Roman Ballard

photo by Ballard Avenue

Suetonius makes a brief reference to an expedition "to pacify a hellhole of barbarians who call themselves Ballardites." The 10th Legion, Rome's finest, marched off to war. None returned. Besides the bones of the legionaires, all Rome left behind was this relic found in a Ballard garden.


photo by Ballard Avenue

Since no fireplug can be left unmarked, a dog's water needs can be considerable. Some thoughtful folks near the lookout have set up this little refreshment stop.

Friday Cats: Give it up

photo by Ballard Avenue

Poof wants you to donate to the Red Cross. Now.