Sunday cat: Ankle rub

photo by Ballard Avenue

It's what they do best.

G**D*** Chicken

photo by Ballard Avenue

Jamie and Autumn's other chicken. The "G**D***" stands for what you think it does. She can be contrary.


The story goes that Ole Bardahl cooked up the first batch of his petroleum additive in the family bathtub. He ended up selling zillions of gallons of it, all made right here in Ballard underneath the iconic sign captured in the video. All night long it implores us to add it to our oil and add it to our gas.

No Trespassing

photo by Ballard Avenue

Eastern Washington is not all rolling hills and amber waves of grain. It's also the Hanford Reservation, where the country plays with nuclear energy and never quite gets around to cleaning up the mess.

Bennington Lake later that morning

photo by Ballard Avenue

Imagine there's a place so nice,
they liked it so, they put up photos twice...

Walla Walla First Congregational

photo by Ballard Avenue

Continuing the eastern Washington theme, we spend this Sunday at Walla Walla First Congregational Church. The seemingly faux-New England quality of the building isn't as faux as you might think. Walla Walla was one of the earliest American settlements in the state. It was a thriving farming town long before Cap'n Ballard's real estate schemes bore fruit here in Ballard.

Friday birds: Geese afloat

photo by Ballard Avenue

This Friday we have birds instead of cats. These geese spent the night on Bennington Lake. Soon after sunrise, they all headed south. We overheard a few honking on and on about sampling the pleasures of Puerto Vallarta, but first they have to get past the hunters around Sacramento. Good luck, geese. Remember us with that first margarita.

Bennington Lake Sunrise

photo by Ballard Avenue

Aside from having one of the funniest town names in the country, Walla Walla is also a delightful town with tree-lined streets, lovely parks, a lively Main Street, and friendly people. They even have a great song, "Walla Walla Is My Home Town," which ends with these immortal lines:

"Imagine there's a place so nice,
they liked it so they named it twice...
Yes, Walla Walla is my home town!"

Just east of town is Bennington Lake, very popular with those birds who appreciate a brisk eastern Washington morning.

Channelled Scablands

photo by Ballard Avenue

We got in the car and drove to eastern Washington. There we saw amazing and beautiful things. The Channelled Scablands around Othello were formed by an immense Ice Age flood. There's nothing like them anywhere else and if you're ever in the neighborhood, you should stop by.

La vie en rose

Why do we play the accordion? It has infinite power. See how two guys, two berets, two Citroens, and one accordion somehow turn a California strip mall parking lot into the City of Light.

Getting the fish eye from a chicken

photo by Ballard Avenue

Like many Ballardians, Jamie and Autumn keep a couple chickens in their backyard. They don't warm up to photographers right away.

Mike's at night

photo by Ballard Avenue

Mike's Chili Parlour, previously seen in the daylight, is a beacon for the chili and cheap beer cognoscenti at night, too.

God Save the Queen

Join us in a tribute to two of our favorite things: accordions and the Queen. You may sing along.

Friday cat: Tom in the Lavender

photo by Ballard Avenue

Maybe lavender is what cats do when they can't get catnip.

Cobbler by candlelight

photo by Ballard Avenue

And boy, was it ever good!