Library roof

Library roof
photo by Ballard Avenue

We're tired of how everybody's going on and on about the snow and ice, so we look back into the files for a recent picture of the grass growing on the roof of the new Ballard library. Given how winter has started, perhaps we should have brought in the sheaves by now.

Snow falling on thyme

Snow thyme
photo by Ballard Avenue

Who cares if the television stations are in a lather ("Storm Watch '06!") and the morning commute promises to be The Worst Thing In The World? We like snow!

Saturday accordion: Myron Floren

Wacky sense of humor that he had, Offenbach would have probably enjoyed this rendition of the famous "Barcarolle" from his opera The Tales of Hoffman, especially as long as the royalty checks kept coming.

Protected art

photo by Ballard Avenue

In Ballard we put our best art behind a fence for safekeeping.

No junipers here, thank you

Cactus Garden
photo by Ballard Avenue

No rhododendrons, either. This Ballard house forsakes the classic Northwest shrubberies in favor of prickly pear cactus.

Friday cat: On guard

Another Ballard Lion
photo by Ballard Avenue

Another Ballard house with a 24-hour guard cat.


Walter's treats
photo by Ballard Avenue

The storms keep rolling in from the Pacific Ocean, so we thought this photo of the treats available at Walter's Cafe might brighten your day. They certainly brighten ours!

Japanese maple

Japanese Maple
photo by Ballard Avenue

The Japanese maples go wild this time of year.

Sunday cats: Cat herding

Yee haw!

Technical difficulties

Due to technical difficulties beyond our control and comprehension, we are currently reduced to a lame-ass dial-up internet connection. You could call it two soup cans and some string. It is a frustrating situation, and is made even more so by our internet provider's lame-ass technical support department. Be assured that a blistering e-mail is being prepared, one that will melt the computer screen of the poor wretch toiling away in their cubicle. It's not their fault, really—they're not allowed to do anything that might actually cost the company some of the money you've sent them over the past decade—but one has to vent somewhere.

So we ask your patience. Posting around here has been erratic of late, and sadly will only get more erratic until we get the bigger cans and bigger string of broadband operating again.

Friday cat: Elektra

photo by Ballard Avenue

Back on schedule! We'll see how long this lasts...