At the end of the parade

video by Ballard Avenue

We close our coverage of the parade with the last of the paraders: The Interlake High School marching band. We like a good drum line around here...

Even later in the parade

video by Ballard Avenue

The parade runs for a little over a mile, which is pretty far to dance in 85° weather wearing all that good Norwegian wool. We see them here at the beginning of the parade, but I'm sure they were just as chipper at the end. Those Norskies are tough, you know.

Later in the parade

video by Ballard Avenue

New this year were the middle school kids practicing flipping lefse. Give a boy a fry pan, a bean bag "lefse," and a mile of parade and you'll have one tired boy at the end. And isn't that what you want?

Syttende Mai parade

video by Ballard Avenue

Parades are moving objects, so we took some moving pictures of them. This is a small marching band affiliated with one of the Norwegian lodges. They're classic Syttende Mai: Kind of goofy, lots of fun, and awfully sweet.

Hurra Syttende mai!

It's Norwegian Constitution Day, and we had a terrific parade this unseasonably warm afternoon. Warning: There will be pictures, but in the meantime, enjoy this clip of Olaf playing some Norwegian waltzes on his accordion.

Warming up

Sidewalk cat
photo by Ballard Avenue

After the morning fog burned off, this became the first warm day of spring, and this cat was going to take full advantage of it.

Ms Mallard

Shilshole female mallard
photo by Ballard Avenue

She was as charming as her partner was crabby.

Ballard Mallard

Shilshole male mallard
photo by Ballard Avenue

Continuing our series on Anatinae, here is a fine example of the male mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) wandering around under the Ballard Bridge, and he's not happy about the camera.

Synchronized swimming

video by Ballard Avenue

These ducks are practicing their synchronized swimming at Golden Gardens, but I don't see a gold medal in their future.

Breaking news: Red glove

Red glove
photo by Ballard Avenue

Who says we don't do breaking news here. Nobody covers the lost clothing beat more thoroughly than Ballard Avenue. If this is yours, you'll find it on 34th Avenue between 71st and 72nd Streets.

Hawaiian interlude: McGarrett's office

McGarrett's office
photo by Ballard Avenue

Yes, that's Steve McGarrett's office. And now you have the Hawaii Five-O theme song in your head.

Friday cat: Zoki

photo by Lorri

Mita may be the sweet young thing around Lorri's house, but Zoki rules with her magisterial presence.