Friday cat: More demonic possession

photo by Ballard Avenue

It must be spring fever.

New library

photo by Ballard Avenue

As you might have guessed, we're not architectural photographers here. Our limited skills and little camera cannot do this building justice. You should come see it. It's won some prestigious awards.

And, you can review the Constitution and the Bill of Rights here. You should. Nothing annoys a Republican more.

Old library

photo by Ballard Avenue

No, the Department of Republican Justice hasn't closed the Ballard Library because people were reviewing the Bill of Rights there (not that the DORJ wouldn't want to shut down libraries encouraging such dangerous behavior). This is just a picture of the old library, soon to be a condo. We have a picture of the new library to show you tomorrow.


photo by Ballard Avenue

Has to be a Grandma's house.

Friday cat: Calico in repose

photo by Ballard Avenue

Is there a better way to spend a sunny afternoon?

11th Avenue Fence

photo by Ballard Avenue

It looks like Tom Sawyer got more than he was asking for when Ben Rogers and the rest of the lads helped with the whitewashing. Just wait until Aunt Polly sees this.

Cherries under construction

photo by Ballard Avenue

We promised to keep you posted. They're coming along just fine.

Go Huskies!

photo by Ballard Avenue

Over in Seattle everyone's all a-flutter over the University of Washington basketball teams. Both the men's and women's teams are in the championship tournament and it's buzz buzz buzz all day long.

We're not big basketball fans but we found these croci in the garden displaying Husky purple and gold. Go Dawgs!

Friday Cat: "Beware of closing doors!"

photo by MasterKaos

A clever sign on the Tokyo Subway.

Desert Interlude: Starlings

photo by Ballard Avenue

Heh heh. You thought you'd get through a week without a picture of a bird. Wrong-O, Hartz Mountain breath. We end our desert interlude with this picture of starlings at Nelson's bird feeder.

Starlings are awful birds. They have no song, they have no style. They're just aggressive and obnoxious. The Republicans of the bird world, if you will. If shotguns weren't frowned upon where Nelson lives, we'd give him one.

Desert Interlude: Bighorn sheep

photo by Ballard Avenue

As with the bobcats, we'd like to be able to say we climbed unclimbable cliffs to get the picture. Instead, we faced a dangerous mob of tourists. A few well-placed elbows cleared a path and we got the shot.

Desert Interlude: Freeway rest area

photo by Ballard Avenue

Just how restful can this rest area be with all those poisonous snakes and insects lurking about?

Friday cats: Desert bobcats

photo by Ballard Avenue

It would be nice to say we climbed up the side of a cliff to get this picture, but if truth be told we saw them at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. If you're ever near Tucson, stop by and say hi.

Desert Interlude: I.V. Restaurant

photo by Ballard Avenue

The regulars must have needle tracks down their arms.

Desert Interlude: Salton Sea

photo by Ballard Avenue

In 1905, an irrigation project to bring Colorado River water to southern California farmers went horribly wrong. The river overwhelmed the diversion gates and canal, and for the next 18 months the Colorado flowed into a desert basin 200 feet below sea level. Eventually the river was controlled but not before there was a lake 35 miles long, 15 miles wide, and upwards of 50 feet deep—the Salton Sea.

It's a strange and fascinating place and you can read all about it here.

Desert Interlude: Hidden Lake

photo by Ballard Avenue. Sherpa assistance by Nelson.

Where's the desert? Well, hike just beyond the trees behind the lake and then fall a few thousand feet down the cliff. Mt. San Jacinto literally rises 8000 feet from Palm Springs' backyard and it's a different world up there. That's all we can say. If we told you more about where Hidden Lake is we'd have to kill you.

Desert Interlude: Borko B. Djordjevic, Humanitarian

photo by Ballard Avenue

If you're a big noise in Palm Springs you can get your star planted in a sidewalk. Some are famous: Frank Sinatra. Some are obscure: Susan Stafford, Ph.D. ("The original hostess of Wheel of Fortune"), and then there was Borko B. Djordjevic, Plastic Surgeon/Humanitarian. What, was it boob jobs for the needy?

Saturday cat: Desert lion

photo by Ballard Avenue

The King of Beasts guards a shopping mall in Palm Springs.