Saturday cats: Two cats

photo by HeatherW

Still no camera and no pictures in the vaults, so we found this snap of two cats among the 1,240,802 photos about cats on Flickr.


photo by Ballard Avenue

He was just sitting on a wire the other day and since I've never seen a hummingbird sit still for so long, I had to take a picture of the little guy.

The fab Sony camera responsible for all our fab photos has gone missing somewhere between Ballard and Canada, so until it is found or a replacement obtained, photo postings will be few and far between. Get ready for more YouTube accordion video than you ever imagined.

Joyeux Noël

photo from Paris Daily Photo

Christmas with Mr. Debellis

He rocks.

Dudley Do-right

from the fertile mind of Jay Ward

We're off to Canada for a few days and we won't be cracking Dudley Do-right jokes. Canadians sometimes bristle over Dudley. They think he's a bit insulting. Granted, Dudley can be a bit of a doofus, but his heart is in the right place and he tries to do the right thing. As national symbols go, that's not so bad.

Sunday accordion blogging: Caroling commandos

As they say, this is cool on so many levels.

Friday cat: Don't let this be you!!

Don't Let This Be You
photo by Ballard Avenue

As if there's not enough in this world to worry about, we now have to watch out for falling attacking cats from apartment buildings. I'm staying indoors...

Bob's Well Used Truck

Bob's Used Cars Truck.jpg
photo by Ballard Avenue

Not sure this old International truck is really such a good advertisement for Bob's Used Cars.

Pipers Creek Coho

Coho in Pipers Creek
photo by Ballard Avenue

It's hard to imagine salmon runs in urban creeks, but after lots of hard work on habitat restoration by volunteers, Pipers Creek supports a small run of coho salmon. She's hard to see but that's the point of camouflage. You don't want an eagle to swoop down for a salmon dinner before she gets her business done.

Accordioniste en Bordeaux

It's a hard life, to be sure, to be a street musician, but it would have its joys, as we can see in this video of a fellow working at a street market in Bordeaux.


Mondrian-loving ants
photo by Ballard Avenue

Thankfully not in your pants.

Friday cat: Callie walks

Callie walks
photo by Ballard Avenue

From time to time Callie will leave her comfy basket to see what's going on in the world.

Extreme measures

Extreme measures
photo by Ballard Avenue

We started to see these hoses stretch across people's yards during last month's record rainfall. The basement might be flooding but who wants to go mucking about the downspout drains in winter? Right now, you just want the water to go somewhere else.

Monday cat: There she is

Callie uncovered
photo by Ballard Avenue

See, she was under those covers the whole time. Callie loves to burrow deep into her basket.

Sunday cat: Callie

Callie covered
photo by Ballard Avenue

Oh, she's under there, all right. Trust us and you'll see...