Daffodils au revoir

photo by Ballard Avenue

We're going away to a place without daffodils, but we'll be back soon.

Friday cat: Sunset

photo from Thoughts of Laurel

Cats like sunsets, too.

Swan politics

How can you tell a swan's politics? Let's see...

Republican swan.

Democratic swan
Democratic swan.

absolutely and positively not Photoshopped photos by Ballard Avenue

Boat race: Ballard to Yokohama

photo by Ballard Avenue

The little ones are quicker off the mark, but in this race you'd put your money on the big guy.

Pimp my Saab

photo by Ballard Avenue

It's safe to say it didn't roll down the assembly line in Sweden looking like this.

New house

photo by Ballard Avenue

They work fast. It was only a hole in the ground not that long ago.

Friday cat: Ginger again

photo by Ballard Avenue

Ginger tips over and rolls around. It's a cat way of saying "HiHowAreYa?"

Friday cat: Ginger

photo by Ballard Avenue

Pickles and Entity have a brother, Ginger, who all this time has somehow eluded our camera. Sorry, Ginger. You can run but you can't hide.

Sans people

photo by Ballard Avenue

For those Ballard Avenue loyalists (and we love you all) who prefer their photos uninhabited, here are some of the birch trees all by themselves.


photo by Ballard Avenue

We don't do people much here. Nothing personal, mind you. It's just not our thing. But for those beginning to think Ballard Avenue was a strangely de-populated place, here's a snapshot just for you.

Lost shirt

photo by Ballard Avenue

Looks like the person who lost their red bootie has also lost a red shirt. In case you're reading this, your shirt's on the fence at Sunset Hill Park.

Focus on crocus

photo by Ballard Avenue

They're so cute, the little crocuses (or croci, for our Latin readers). Tough little buggers, too. After weeks of rain and the biggest windstorm in years, these little guys still popped up over the weekend.


photo by Ballard Avenue

Friday Cat: Tuna breath

photo from CuteOverload.com

It rained over 12" in Ballard last month and since Ballard cats are so smart, we didn't see many of them out and about. So we turn to Cute Overload for our Friday fix. She's a cutie, all right, until you get a faceful of tuna breath.

Bainbridge Interlude: Trumpeters

photo by Ballard Avenue

There are two resident trumpeter swans on the Reserve. Here they are enjoying a bit of sun on the hillside above the pond. They reminded us of these birds.

Bainbridge Interlude: Willow

photo by Ballard Avenue

We went to Bainbridge Island to visit the Bloedel Reserve. You might not think a dreary January day would be very rewarding there, but the grounds are lovely anytime.