Friday cat: Peachie

photo by Ballard Avenue

It was a sunny morning in Middlebury, Vermont, and Peachie was looking for trouble on the breakfast table. She found it.

4 hour parking

4 Hour Gull
photo by Ballard Avenue

The four hour limit is to give all the gulls a fair chance at the tourists' french fries.

Friday cat: My baby cares for me

This short from the creators of Wallace and Gromit features two of our favorite things: cats and the singer Nina Simone. We play it all the time.

Ballard beach volleyball

Ballard beach volleyball
photo by Ballard Avenue

57°. Showers. Let's play volleyball!

Party crasher

video by Ballard Avenue

The last of our low tide videos. Three herons were co-existing nicely while fishing in the shallows. A fourth heron arrived and things got tense.

Dining al fresco

video by Ballard Avenue

Hey pal, your brother's got the tartar sauce over there.

Low tide

video by Ballard Avenue

We're enjoying some low tides at Golden Gardens this weekend, and this fellow was perhaps enjoying low tide most of all. "I'm tellin' you, the worst day of metal detecting is better than the best day of working!"


photo by Ballard Avenue

Pugs Universal Group

If you have a pug or like them, you can join the pug club. If you join, you get discounts on pug (dog) treats, cakes and homemade toys. We will sell them on weekends sometimes and sometimes after school. Please fill out the answers to the questions on the aplication. Don’t worry this is a club by 8 and 10 year old girls so it is safe.

What are the 2 colors pugs are?_________
Do you have a pug?__________
If so, what’s his/her’s name?__________
How old is your pug if you have one?__________
How old are you?__________
Can pugs be spotted?__________
What is a kind of dog that is pug mixed?__________

How early should you start the violin?

photo by Ballard Avenue

You should start early, say before your feet touch the ground. They're wasting no time over at Whittier Elementary and that's for the best.

Friday cat: On patrol

Edgerton Park tabby 2
photo by Ballard Avenue

She takes a break from her patrols of the police horse barn at Edgerton Park in New Haven, Connecticut.

Tuesday tenor: Fritz Wunderlich

Still short of Ballard photos, we present this little gem: Fritz Wunderlich sings Richard Strauss. Ah, bliss...

Monday Mephista

Mephista on bed
photo by Ballard Avenue

I'm thick with cat photos and thin with everything else, so here's a special Monday Mephista post. Isn't she beautiful?

BNSF 2080

BNSF 2080
photo by Ballard Avenue

She's old but game. BNSF 2080 leads a hot freight around the bend at Carkeek Park.

Wave that flag

Flag house
photo by Ballard Avenue

It's not exactly Sunset Magazine style, but you gotta like it.

Friday cat: Callie

Callie on back porch
photo by Ballard Avenue

Sometimes Callie even climbs out of her bed. With the warm weather she's been favoring this perch on the back porch.