November 11

flags at St. Edward State Park

Veterans Day, Armistice Day, Remembrance Day.

The surviving veterans of World War 1:

John Campbell Ross, age 109, Australia
John Henry Foster Babcock, 108, Canada
Henry William Allingham, 112, England
Claude Stanley Choules, 107, England
Netherwood Hughes, 108, England
Henry John Patch, 110, England
William Frederick Stone, 108, England
Aarne Armas Arvonen, 111, Finland
Fernand Goux, 108, France
Pierre Picault, 109, France
zef Kowalski, 108, Poland
Frank Woodruff Buckles, 107, USA
Robley H. Rex, 107, USA

Honor them, and remember the millions who died or were wounded in this catastrophe.


John Eddy said...

The two french names confuse me:

France isn't supposed to have any more WWI vets.

Ballard Avenue said...
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Ballard Avenue said...

According to the Wikipedia article, the French government doesn't recognize M. Goux as a Great War veteran as he served less than three months in combat. There was no reason given for M. Picault's omission. Bureaucratic bloody-mindedness, I would guess. As I believe one day in military service, let alone combat, is enough for anyone, I chose to recognize these two gentlemen.