Step lightly

House on Stilts
photo by Ballard Avenue

For the time being, the owners ask all those passing by to step lightly.

Messing around

Oscar Peterson and Count Basie—just a couple of old pals messing around.

Saturday cat blogging

photo by Ballard Avenue

Even the cats on Sunset Hill don't like the idea of bailing out the crooked banks.

Ginger cookie porn

Ginger cookies
photo by Ballard Avenue

Mom's handed down her KitchenAid dreadnought to us, and boy, does it make some bitchin' cookies!

F/V Windjammer

F/V Windjammer
photo by Ballard Avenue

Next to the old Yankee Grill is the Pacific Fisherman shipyard. They've been repairing and refitting anything that floats for over 60 years. The F/V Windjammer was in the yard for a while earlier this month, and here she's looking shipshape and Bristol fashion before heading back out to sea.

Banquets in progress

Yankee Grill
photo by Ballard Avenue

For years Ballardites took their parents to the Yankee Grill. It was a solid meat-n-potatoes restaurant along the Ship Canal. Sadly, it's been closed for a year. But the sign's still lit up—"Banquets in progress. Restaurant seating available."

Friday cat blogging: Snowball


photo by Theresa

Theresa is a fabulous cat photographer.

Civic art project

Civic Art
photos by Jack

We've somehow neglected art cars in Ballard, featuring only one of the many that cruise up and down our streets. In an attempt to get more up to date on the phenomenon, here are a few snaps of Marnie's Honda Civic. Lookin' pretty stylish, no?


photo by Ballard Avenue
Obamalogo'd by logobama

Like all smart cats, Mephista knows who she wants as president.

Tomato plant porn

Karen's tomatoes

photo by Ballard Avenue

Luxuriant, I think the word is. Karen's tomatoes rock in the western sun. The bricks heat up all day and keep the plants toasty warm at night. This picture is two weeks old. You probably can't even get in the door today!

Friday accordion: Tango makes you feel better

I watched not one minute of the Republican convention, but reading about their skeezy little hatefest was disturbing enough that I decided we all needed a couple minutes of tango, Japanese-girl-in-the-park style. Now, don't you feel better...

ps Make sure you watch it through to the end. She starts putting on the good dance moves at about 1:20 into the video.

Revelations everywhere

Mark of the beast

photo by Ballard Avenue

This is what greeted me when I fired up the company Dodge the other morning. Had Gene Kelly been driving it?

Electra says hello, part 3

Electra tip over 3.jpg

photo by Ballard Avenue

And now to the Tip-over, the most important part of a cat's HiHowAreYa! You've now been accepted into Electra's world and you're better for it.

Electra says hello, part 2

Electra tip over 2

photo by Ballard Avenue

After rubbing against the iron railing, she decides to do the I'm-A-Happy-Cat face plant into the concrete. 

Electra says hello

Electra tip over 1

photo by Ballard Avenue

Over the next few days, we'll see how Electra says she's happy to see you.