Flee Ballard

Flee Ballard
photo by Ballard Avenue

It's been a rocket ride these past five years as Ballard has morphed from sleepy backwater to the Hottest Neighborhood in town. We've scarcely had time to catch our breath, and now it appears we have jumped the shark.


Patrick said...

Ha! That's hilarious.. I've worked on Ballard Ave for 8 years, and have hung out there for closer to 15. I've seen it turn from salty old booze hounds, to the rock-a-billy round up, to hipster doofus' (would that be doofai?) to frat dicks and yuppies. Not to mention the rise of the "4 story condo with a retail core" sprouting up like hideous weeds everywhere. I came to Ballard to get away from the people currently taking it over. My only question now is, where to escape to next, Burien? I shudder to think. But when I find it, I will tell no one. Thanks for the post, it made me laugh.