Hurra Syttende mai!

It's Norwegian Constitution Day, and we had a terrific parade this unseasonably warm afternoon. Warning: There will be pictures, but in the meantime, enjoy this clip of Olaf playing some Norwegian waltzes on his accordion.


Anonymous said...

Olaf is wonderful! Do you think he might join us in the small park by the Nordic Heritage Museum next year to play some more Norwegian Waltzes? Please? We brought the Norwegian Fjord Horses and it would be so great if Olaf could join us for Syttende Mai next year!

Thanks! GREAT PARADE this year!

Ballard Avenue said...

According to the YouTube page where I found the video, Olaf lives in Norway. Over there, a good accordionist like him probably has a Syttendae mai gig lined up already.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! I bet he does. Oh woe is us; no Olaf.