BNSF 5490

BNSF 5490
photo by Ballard Avenue

We do like our trains around here, and this one led by BNSF locomotive 5490 made the day complete. The pedestrian overpass at Carkeek Park is perfect for train-spotting.


Pamela said...

Great shot.

Anonymous said...

nice wheels

Anonymous said...

Is there a schedule of train passing times for Carkeek? I'd love to take my son too see one on a weekend.

Ballard Avenue said...

BNSF freight trains may operate on a schedule but I don't know it. It's a fairly busy line so you might get lucky.

You can see Amtrak trains running northbound at around 7:50 am, 4:55pm, and 6:50pm. There are southbound trains at around 10:25am and 9:25pm.

On weekdays, Sound Transit commuter trains pass Carkeek going southbound at around 6:45am, 7:15am, and 7:45am. The northbound trains go by aroud 4:50pm, 5:20pm, and 5:50pm.