Road closed, part 2

Road out 2
photo by Ballard Avenue

This is what lies at the bottom of the hole in the road you saw yesterday. I can't imagine what it was like for the occupants of this car as they discovered the hillside wasn't nearly as stable as they thought it was. Luckily, they weren't badly hurt, but that car's not coming out of there anytime soon.


Jayde said...

Have you heard if they drove into the hole or if it simply gave way from under them?

Ballard Avenue said...

Neither of the local papers said how the car ended up where it did.

Jayde said...

Yeah, I haven't seen anything either. I can't imagine which would be worse. I remember the video from the SF quake which showed the car dropping into the missing bridge section.

I think, personally, I'd rather be on the spot as it drops. At least then, you can pretend like you tried to react and just got pulled down as opposed to just sliding into a hole.