photo © Filippo Alfero / LaPresse

Why a Fiat 500? This is the 500th post on Ballard Avenue and I thought it should be commemorated with something Italian and red. We enjoyed a bottle of a very nice Valpolicella with dinner last night. And then I found this picture of a race of Fiat 500s. Ché follia bella! Sort of like what keeping a blog is.

I heard once that half of all blogs peter out after five postings, and most of the rest don't get to 50, let alone 500. So 500 Ballard Avenues is either testimony to a previously undetected streak of perseverance in me or testimony that I really don't have enough to do with my time. You make the call.

I can't promise I'll get to 5000 (at my regular rate of posting that would take around 18 years), but I think I'll continue on with this beautiful madness for awhile. You've been warned...


Matthew D Dunn said...

Congratulations! Love the blog. I try to check in about once a week but got a bit behind recently. Keep up the good work.