Bellingham interlude: Fairhaven residence halls

Fairhaven Stack 1
photo by Ballard Avenue

A new car needs a day out, so I chose to visit my college in Bellingham. I hadn't been there in 20 years. It always seemed a dangerous thing to do. My college years were not easy years. What sort of memories would be disinterred? What regrets for paths not chosen?

Perhaps it was the sunny day. Perhaps it was the sunny Beetle I was driving. Or perhaps it was because everywhere I looked I recalled a good memory of friends, adventures, and love. My years at college were full of the usual anxieties and then some, to be sure. As I said, they were not easy years. But it was there that I learned how to live this life, to enjoy its good moments while working through the rest, and it was on this sunny day that I finally realized that. Thanks, Western. Thanks, Bellingham. I owe you one.