Colorado Interlude: Stormy Monday

photo by Ballard Avenue

At last we come to the end of our Colorado Interlude. It was a rather drawn-out end: We spent six hours at the Denver airport watching departure signs change from "On Time" to "Delayed" to "Cancelled." It was the first snowstorm of the season and everything was a mess.

But Coloradoans are used to this sort of thing. They bore down and, despite it all, did their work. The fellow in the little guard shack at the rental car check-in was miserable in the 30mph winds. How would you like to be a $10 an hour baggage handler out in that slop? Almost heroic were the people running the aircraft de-icing equipment all night long. A tip of Ballard Avenue's cap to you all.

Thankfully our flight was only delayed, not cancelled, and we got out later that evening. Thanks, Colorado. Nice job!