Greenwood Concert Band

photo by Ballard Avenue

The Locks have concerts on Sunday afternoons and the Greenwood Concert Band is always a favorite. Led by William Blayley, they're quite good and play a nice selection of marches and other music written or arranged for bands. They keep alive the tradition of the town band and have a fine time doing so.


Anonymous said...

The Concerts at the Locks are definitely a special charm of Ballard. From active military bands to the Sedentary Souza Band, the entertainment is uniformly good (pun not first), and for those Ballardarians who possess the good fortune to live close enough to walk to the concert, traffic is not a problem. In fact, the Locks and surrounding park are attractions worthy of multiple visits. The garden with multiple varieties of flowering perennials is beautiful, the vista of the Salmon River winding its way to Puget Sound inspires visions of salmon splashing up river in throngs so thick you could walk across them, and even the gaggle of tug boats, fishing boats, barges, and pleasure boats maneuvering for position in the locks at end of day are pleasures during most seasons and any time of day. I vote the Ballard Locks Seattle's most pleasant diversion for tourists AND residents.