Peugeot Sign

photo by Ballard Avenue

You know, they weren't bad cars, but the French auto industry never did too much in America. There was always something about the cars that Americans found weird and they couldn't pronounce the names. It's "Poo-zho," not "Pee-you-gee-ot."

The Chevy dealer on 15th Avenue sold Peugeots back in the '80s but never got around to taking down the sign. I was walking by there today and took this picture. As I got nearer, I saw a couple guys from a sign company getting ready to go to work. It seems there's a Nissan dealer moving into the space. Nissan goes up and at long last, Peugeot comes down. I thought about asking them for the sign but how would I get it home?

But wouldn't it look good glowing softly in the backyard?